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Always remember to comment your code


So yes, it’s probably something you’ve heard 36,000 times since you started programming. But the point of adding comments when coding is not just to help understanding, it’s also a way to think about the usefulness and function of the next few lines to be written. Commenting each piece of code allows you to isolate the different elements of your application, in order to reuse or debug more easily.

Using Git


In other words, version your code. Git is simply the most widely used versioning software to date, and not for nothing: functional, powerful, secure, and flexible, the solution is ideal for many development teams.

Advices and tips

Cutting yourself off from the waves at night :

All day long you are confronted with the waves of your phone. We don’t yet know all the impacts of these waves on our body and brain, so protect yourself! If you don’t want to turn your phone off at night, you can simply switch it to airplane mode which is enough to cut the mi.


A comfortable chair

Positioning the monitor optimally will not help you if you are not sitting comfortably. Use a comfortable, adjustable chair so you can adjust it when you change positions, making sure your feet are always flat on the floor. The backrest should also be tiltable and include strong lumbar support to avoid overloading the lower spine structure.



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