When your computer is affected by a virus, you need to get rid of it. So how do you remove a computer virus? To help you, here is an article that provides you with tips on how to get rid of computer viruses.

 Some steps to follow

If you don’t have virus protection, you won’t know if your computer is infected or not. Because a computer virus is not visible to the eye, which can destroy your computer early. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to install virus protection on your machine. To do this, you must first install the virus scanner. If you do not download a virus scanner to install, you can also download an Internet security method.  As a security solution, opt for Kaspersky Internet Security. After installing it, you should switch off your connection by disconnecting from the internet. Because there are computer viruses that take advantage of the internet connection to spread.  After disconnecting, restart your PC in safe mode. This will keep your computer free of viruses. Next, you need to turn off your computer and turn it back on. Once it is on, click the F8 key to bring up the <<advanced boot option>> menu and then press ”Safe Mode with Network Support”. Lastly, you need to delete the files that are affected using the cleanup option to get rid of the virus. 

Run a virus scan


The discovery of a single virus can cause further damage to your computer. For example, the virus may affect other files that remain. To avoid this you should scan your antivirus software with an antivirus software that you want to use. Also, note that you should essentially delete viruses. Because the detected virus can affect many files. To avoid this, you must remove the viruses. In addition, to make sure that everything is fine with your PC, you should run a scan of your PC to see if there are any other problems. If any problems appear, then delete all files. Finally, it should be noted that there are different ways to get rid of computer viruses