The IT department is the department that manages the computer equipment of any company. In large companies, this is usually done by external people. One person is sufficient to manage the department in the case of SMEs. So what role does this department play in an SME? Here is some information that may help you.

What is the IT department?

The IT department is set up to hold information crucial to the smooth running of the business. In SMEs, it is managed by a person with the necessary skills. It is this department that is responsible for securing the company’s data and networks, configuring the server. It is also responsible for managing the maintenance of computer workstations and all software installations.

The role of the IT system in SMEs

The IT department in an SME is responsible for solving all IT problems in a short time and at low cost. It ensures the continuous protection of all company data. Risks and other problems in the IT system are foreseen and solutions are quickly found. Also, thanks to the IT department, cooperation between the various departments is smooth and easy. The IT department also takes care of the automatic backup of all computer data on the company’s server(s). In addition, it takes care of setting up the firewall and configuring all user accounts.

The tasks of the IT department

 The main task of the IT department in an SME is to make it easier for employees to work together using new technologies. It also develops databases to facilitate human resources management. It also ensures the maintenance of the various software programs within the company. In addition, the IT department is responsible for training employees so that they can easily use the new technological equipment. It is also responsible for the computerisation of each department in the company.